May 20, 2018

The stuckness


Some things are difficult, progress is hard, and it feels like the harder you work the more stuck you get. 

Some blockages sneak up on you. Without any thought or attention, there’s sand around around your ankles and nothing is moving. The world turns around you but everything you see is stuck, destined to repeat until obsolescence.

Either way, stuckness.

And maybe that’s ok. Maybe you really want to do the difficult things, maybe it’s ok to let let the world spin on its own for a while, maybe everyone’s happy with the way they are right now.

If not, the first ingredient that will free the wheels: gumption. The initiative, resourcefulness, imagination and drive to think of another way and then get it done. To end run the blockage, to cut the creepers, to put a lever in the cogs and make them turn.

Skippy strategy: Out think, then out work the stuckness.