November 18, 2019

The table


There’s something about a table. Whether you put things on it, walk or stand around it, sit back contemplate combat communicate across it, use it for coffee or conferences … it begs to be a part of things. It’s an open-invite meeting-place and the single most collaboration inducing piece of technology every invented.

When in doubt, gather around. When you need to work things out, sit together over a sketch pad. When thing need hammering, face to face or end to end.

 The point: a table encourages community. You gather together. The subject of the day is right there in the middle of things – whether it’s a banquet or a gnarly piece of hardstone. Sure, you can poke it around and avoid it, but seeing as it’s there … probably best to deal with it.

Skippy strategy: Put reality in the middle of the table, gather ‘round, and deal with it.