January 24, 2018

The tentacles


So it’s not working.

The way we do this things might get the job done but it seems to cause more problems than is smart. How could we make it better?

1. Make sure you’re still on the money with the actual outcome. It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve been doing and fail to see how the world has turned and the requirement has shifted. Go back to the source and make sure.

2. Gather your forces and work out who gets effected by what. Where are the touch points and what would make life less hard and more easy? Find the tentacles.

3. When you understand the problem well enough the solution presents itself. Oh, we should do it like this then, duh! Reengineer it, check the tentacles, double check the outcome, bake it in for the next generation.

Skippy strategy: Fix it, and bake it in.