June 1, 2016

The thing


It’s pretty common to come across a process that’s more important than the outcome.

Project review meetings where every action is covered, every checklist checked, every deliverable signed off – and no one seems aware that the project makes no sense. But the project’s on track, right?

An all-hands meeting where minutes are read, minutia rehashed ad nauseum, non-actions are noted for next time’s minutes – and elephants are left in the corner and nothing really gets said. But we had the meeting so everyone’s in the loop, right?

Annual reviews where the annual part happens but the review is a bingo card of scores and tick-boxes – where the game is played and reviewee has no idea what reviewer thinks. Good for another year, right?

Remember the thing.

The actual reason everyone’s sat here. To achieve what?

Make the process deliver the thing, not just deliver itself.

Skippy strategy: The objective is …