March 26, 2020

The things you can do


Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting the same battles every day.

The unresponsive decision maker. Development progress that shows no relationship with the schedule. Bureaucracy that’s in the way and no one who cares or knows how to fix it. The impossible deadline, the uncomfortable cashflow, the obstinate team member, the outdated systems, the unproductive processes. The same problems yesterday, today, and inevitably tomorrow.

You can get down about it, find someone to blame, moan moan and moan some more … or you can focus on the things you can do. Like calling the decision maker, understanding the development issues, finding somewhere less bogged in bureaucracy. Drilling down on the issues, talking to the team member, replacing the systems and working up new processes.

Sure, they come with their own problems, but they’re new ones, and they’re one you can actively work out.

Skippy strategy: Do the things you can do.