May 8, 2019

The time they deserve


Things take as long as they take. Focus, clarity, preparation, effective working practices, luck, coffee, buns, pizza, no noise, white noise, music, radio, alone space, group space, paper, whiteboards … whatever else you need … all help. Using every one of them takes time. Thinking takes time. Considering and coalescing and smashing and filtering and cohering and reviewing takes time. 

Everything takes time.

Everything takes time so everything takes as long as it takes.

That’s not a recipe for relaxed deadlines and extension after delay. It’s a prescription to get going sooner, with a clear plan and resources you can name and know. It’s a plea – to you and your team – to give things the respect they deserve, to organise from the outset even if you don’t yet know the path. To acknowledge that the path is unclear and work openly to clear it.

Skippy strategy: Give things the time they deserve.