August 16, 2017

The tiniest step


Standing still, the ground is so sticky. It clags, clings, stops you before you’ve started. Adds weight. Makes you look down, worry you’ll never get moving again, and maybe that you shouldn’t try. That it’s too hard. That all those reasons for staying where you are outweigh the point of doing something new. That you’re so entrenched, you’ll never make it.

Forget that.

It’s always sticky. There’s no reason for it, nothing special about where you are now. That’s just the deal.

Breaking free – the tiniest step – is an act of imagination. If we do this … then we can do that … and then the other thing. The more people involved in the planning, the more momentum those tiniest steps will build. Then, push the wagon. Stop looking down and start moving forward.

Change is the easiest thing if you bring everyone with you.

Skippy strategy: It starts with the tiniest step.