June 26, 2017

The verb

OK Corral

As you think about the plan you’ll notice that it’s not an event. It’s not a shoot out. It doesn’t have it’s feet in concrete. They’re in good and fertile early.

It’s alive. It’s connected to every action. It’s a process that starts the first time you think of the goal and only ends when you close the book on a job well done.

The plan is flexible. It’s not a noun, not a thing, not something that sits around and can be pointed at. At least, not good ones.

Good ones are verbs. The planning is an action that sets up other actions. One of those actions is to monitor and review and recut and and and react to reality and plan again.

Ok. Understood. Now what?

Oh. Good to know. What shall we do about that?

Hmm. Excellent. That means … ?

Skippy strategy: Forget the noun, focus on the verb.