March 18, 2023

The wheel squeaks


It isn’t perfect. Nothing is. Certainly not this organisation. Plenty to fix. Plenty of things to get stuck into, places that could use some love and attention. Big things like the product, small things like the bathroom. Everything in between. 

For added spice, everything you leave un-fixed becomes your fault. You’re the one who let it slide. It’s on your watch. You’re the one who’s lack of interest shows every time the wheel squeaks.

Where to start?

The loudest, squeakiest wheel – whichever part of the organisation causes the most pain. 

Most times that means something that affects the staff. A broken system, a weak or overbearing manager, something they have to work around every day just to do their job. Fix that first. Then the next thing.

Not just talk and empathy. 

Real live action.

Skippy strategy: Oil helps, but actually dealing with the actual issues helps more.