October 23, 2018

The winner is


A compelling proposition, in the right place at and the right time, ready to be picked up and pressed into service. Get ready. Get set.

Anyone with a wallet thick enough can spend their way to that start line. 

Some people with smarts sharp enough can get there too.

Then what?

What happens after the gun’s gone bang and we’re off to the (marathon) races, where continued and consistent delivery is the way to keep moving forward? Where it’s not about how much money or smarts you have, it’s not about how you wriggle, but it’s about taking one step after another without missing a beat or tripping yourself up.

It’s not getting to the start that matters – although that absolutely matters. What actually counts is continued progress and bringing everyone along for the ride.

The winner is the one who keeps on trucking.

Skippy strategy: Keep on trucking.