May 16, 2018

Their dominos


Every commitment involves other people.

The people on your side of the table – if it’s only you, easy, you can work it out and get the job done. When it takes other people on your team, you’re committing their time, effort, attention, focus, and discipline to follow through. Before you make the external commitment, get your internals sorted first.

The people on the other side – they’re relying on you. They’ll set their own series of actions in place, they’re spend time and money readying themselves to get the benefit of the deal, they’ll prioritise, say No to alternatives, set out their dominos and prepare for when they’ll drop.

Every commitment involves other people.

Your job it making sure all of them are glad they got involved. That means being clear about the what and the when and the how of the thing … and following through.

Skippy strategy: Make sure they’re glad they got involved.