October 24, 2018

Them out there


Sure, with your position at the table, you can sway a lot of minds. Whether by the weight of your argument or the weight of your job title, a lot of people will nod when you nod and go left when say they should. That’s what makes the organisation go around, it comes with the territory, and it’s the fastest way to find yourself down blind alleys if you start to trust the nods and believe you have a lock on the facts of wisdom.

Thing is … it doesn’t really matter what you think. 

It matters what they think. Them out there. The decision makers over whom you have no influence, who aren’t swayed by what you say just because it’s you who says it.

Don’t succumb to the echo chamber. 

Take soundings from them.

Skippy strategy: Get outside, ask questions, listen to someone else’s opinions.