January 27, 2020

Then sit


The one differentiator … the one that everyone sees and hears, the one that makes anyone – experienced or not, expensive or not, executive or not – stand out from every also ran at every meeting … ideas.

A head and a notebook and a mouth full of ideas and the willingness to bring them to the table.

It’s definitely not as easy as rocking up with an open mind (and let’s not decry the open mind) and and empty pad, it doesn’t happen without applying time and conscious effort, it comes with certain amounts of head above the parapet risk – but it’s the only thing that will get us from where we are today, wallowing in the status quo, pushing updates from one side of the abyss to the other, to the other.

Do your prep, note your thinking … then sit at the table.

Skippy strategy: A head of ideas, ready for use.