February 5, 2021

Then you track


There’s a worry when you delegate – will this person do the job that needs doing, will they do it well enough, and, if you’re honest, will they do it as well as you would.

Step one around the worry, at least, the way around the rational worry, is to be specific about the objective of the work. Be clear about what done looks like, what standard is expected and how you’ll both know when the hoops have been jumped.

The second step is the winner. Get them to share the how, how they’ll go about the work that will deliver the objective. This isn’t an opportunity to trip them up, it’s where you see how they think, when you help them think better, and get an insight into the intermediate deliverables that will give you both comfort things are on track.

Then you track.

Skippy strategy: The what, the how, the tracking.