September 10, 2018

Then you’re done


And then you’re done. 

Everything you could do, you have done. Every angle you could explore, has been examined and walked around and mapped to perfection. You’ve done your bit and now it’s time for them to do yours.

You could jump up and down about it. You could hassle and hustle to see if there’s any way to speed things along. You could chew your fingernails and worry the bone, checking your watch in case that makes time move more quickly.

Or you could get on with something else.

Move on to the next project, tidying all those loose ends you left hanging during the final push, work out how to do all the things you’ve promised to do.

The world, and the decisions makers, will turn just as fast as they always do; one hour taking exactly one hour. 

Skippy strategy: Get on with the next thing.