May 20, 2020

There are wrinkles


We always want to go fast. We meet the candidate, we want them to start. We find the supplier, we want them to ship. We have the idea, we want to build and prototype and implement and ship. And we can.

At any pace, there are wrinkles.

What seemed easy at the first handshake becomes increasingly clearly nuanced as we go along.

One argument says, there are always wrinkles and we always iron them out … eventually. The other says, go a little slower, and smooth things in real time. The calculus is a balance of time (which is counted on the calendar and multiplied by distraction, frustration, irritation) and actual progress (which is the ability to get to the next level without reworking any of the predecessors).

The rule of thumb: slower than you like, a little faster than is comfortable.

Skippy strategy: Iron out the wrinkles as you go.