April 30, 2020

There comes a time


There comes a time, probably later than you hoped but sooner than you think, when the talking has to stop and the action has to start. You’ve strategised, mapped it out, looked at the pro’s, considered the con’s and filled your notebook with lists. You’ve complained about how busy you are, everyone is, that resources are too scarce, risk aversion is too plentiful, you can’t find the people or they can’t see the vision.

There comes a time.

When your note is waiting to be filled with the results of all the little things you’ve done, not just the things you talked about. Take that step. Rule a line under the pre-project planning, and put a heading over the start of the actual project. The things we’re doing, the plan we’re following, the people who are doing the work.

Skippy strategy: Never stop thinking, just stop thinking about doing it.