September 28, 2023

There is a goose


Sometimes you have a brilliant idea. If we do this, that thing will happen – easy, and all will be good in our world. It’s the golden goose effect; one thing to solve our troubles. It never works. Just five minutes at the white board or a tentative look for supporting data, the idea comes crashing down.

And quickly, the energy saps and the idea is abandoned.

Ok. So there’s no golden goose. But there is a goose.

Inside every non-viable, simplistic or naive thought, is a workable, thoughtful, mature solution hiding in the dark. Maybe A won’t bridge you to B in one elegant and seamless step. But if we add C, D and E to that A, we might just loop back to B after all.

B is worthwhile it’s worth the effort to work ideas into thoughts into active decisions.

Skippy strategy: Every idea deserves to be worked.