January 14, 2019

They don’t care


When selling something, it’s natural to be concerned about all the things you’ve done to make it available, the complexity you’ve managed, the risks you’ve taken, the blind alleys you’ve followed, the choices you’ve made, the opportunities you’ve passed on so you could stay focused on the prize, the people and partners you’ve wrangled and all the costs you’ve incurred along the way.

With that in mind, it’s also natural to focus on what you want in return for all that work. How much money you’ll get or control you’ll keep or options you’ll enable or everything else about you, you, you and your organisation.

Good to know that stuff, but leave it like baggage outside the door.

The buyer doesn’t care. Not one bit. 

They care about themselves, their own organisation, and what they’ll get from the deal.

Skippy strategy: Whoever’s doing the selling … focus on the buyer’s agenda.