October 2, 2016

This and this and this


There’s always a lot to do.

In a world that continues to turn, not much really stands still.

Excellent service levels yesterday are acceptable today and below par tomorrow. You have to upgrade. Every iteration – of customer demands, product performance, competitor bite, digital potential, network effects – is one step forward of where it came from, and only half a beat from where it’s going next.

Keeping up and staying ahead … there’s always too much to do.

All of us suffer too little time or money or people or places to put it all together.

The answer isn’t to put a little resource into ever problem – to underfund across the board.

We have to make choices; where to make our stand?

Not this and this and this and this.

But … this.

Pick your battles, be clear about focus.

Skippy strategy: Spend resources to make big leaps – one at a time if necessary.