March 31, 2017

This ball


In the grandest vision there’s much that’s different from how it is today. New products and markets and partners and structures and departments and colleagues and companies and everything. The plan deals in decent size chunks that lay out at least some of the stepping stones that will take us from here to there. We’ve made some moves and started on the path. Interesting road and things are looking good.

So … what to do today?

Finish what you start.

Don’t imagine that just because you know what needs to happen, it will actually go that way. That the product you’re building will ship, that systems will keep up with demand, that support will provide a hammock, that customers will bite, that … everything will happen without someone pushing.

Most of all, don’t imagine the work is done before it’s done.

Eyes on this ball.

Skippy strategy: Finish what you start