December 11, 2018

This is not it

Brass Horse

Don’t think of it a the thing, not THE thing anyway. Think of it as just a thing. A prototype. That thing you’re doing or building or working up just to keep you busy whilst you work out the kinks in the ACTUAL thing. Something to get you started, to kick over the traces, to limber up with before the main event.

Something to practice on. Loosening up the old muscles with some calisthenics and some strides just to get the juices flowing. 

And while your at it … maybe what your really doing is getting on with it. You know. Just. Getting. Started. Kinda reversing into it. Only without the nerves and the hooha that would get in the way if your thought this was it.

So. Positively. This is not it. 

This is just a thing.

Skippy strategy: May as well do something to ease in to doing something.