April 30, 2019

This next step


There’s a lot to be said for putting one foot in front to the other. Actually, that’s all it takes. Making the start and keeping on moving until the whole race is run. Of course, that first step? Unless it’s dictated by the date, when you have no choice but to start, it’s a doozie. And even then, there’s the choice to put that particular date in the diary. That was the first step. Or the day you decided to make the move that would up bringing you to the place which was really just the end of the beginning and the start of the start. All choices. Some smaller. Some without consequence. Each a step. Each a contribution to the end.

Which is what it takes. This next step.

When it’s tough to get started. To know which way to go. This next step.

Skippy strategy: This next step.