May 5, 2020

This very minute


There aren’t many drop everything this has to come first requests. Sure, they happen, but today? On this? Does it really come in front of everything else you’ve committed to? Is it really at the top of your agenda, or are you just responding to he who shouts loudest/longest/last or falling into that which is easiest?

Even if it has to be today, how long will it take? Could you fit that hour in later, after you’ve completed the job you just started and haven’t quite finished? Wouldn’t it be better for you and everyone else if you finished this first … and then you moved on to that?

And if you are going to slot it in right this very minute, will you commit to finishing before you get distracted or it gets trumped by the next thing?

Skippy strategy: Finish what you start, then start something else.