April 22, 2018

Those ducks


That thing we talked about last time around. We kinda-sorta agreed to do something. Well, actually, I kinda-sorta thought you agreed to do something. We never got specific. Not about the details of the something, not about the timescale of the something, nor, now I think about it, about you actually doing the something. It was implicit. Wasn’t it?

Erm … no … it’s ambiguous.

I was waiting for you to do it all this time. I’ve lined up this duck and that duck, and now all three of us are sitting in a row, wondering when you’re going to do your bit.


There must be a better way.


How about … removing the ambiguity. Being direct and specific with each other about who does what by when. Then checking-in during the process to understand progress and line up those ducks.

Sounds like a plan.

Skippy strategy: Agree the plan.