October 17, 2021

Through these woods


Sometimes we have no choice but to work on the basis of a feeling. Something’s going wrong here. It should work like this. I think the best way forward is through these woods. Of course, we base those feelings on our experience and pattern matching, we sense check, we ask around for advice, and then we go for it on the basis that any decision is better than no decision.

Other times, the data make the decision for us. A + B = C. We should do C.

Then there’s those other-other times. When, with a bit more digging or diligence, with a little effort put into capturing data, by adding some monitoring here and some oversight there, we could convert feeling-based choices into data-led decisions.

With data, if you can, if you have the time, the guiding principle is … you should.

Skippy strategy: If you can find the data, you should.