July 18, 2018

Tighten one notch


There are many moving parts, there always are. And their natural desire is to find a way of moving as freely, as independently, as possible. The way we accommodate that in organisational life is by building slack into the system. 

We keep a day or a week or a month’s worth of components on the shelf so manufacturing isn’t hanging around for a grommet.

We build each leg of our team with more capacity than its perfect theory demands. Because, perfect? Right!

We allow down-time and thrash-time and thinking-time into every project, add a contingency and pad another week. Just in case.

In short, we find ways to keep the wheels spinning.

The trick though is finding the balance between enough slack (so gears don’t crunch) and too much (that decouples, creates waste … everything spinning in its own space).

Tighten up.

Skippy strategy: When you’re seeking efficiency, tighten one notch.