September 22, 2020

Time out


How many things do you have on your to-do list? How many things are using up space in your head, how many plates are you spinning, how many loose ends are you trying to tie down, how many things are you waiting on from how many people?

My guess: a bunch.

Maybe you can handle them. Probably you can. You’ve been handling them for months, and many more for many months before them. It’s normal. It’s the day to day reality. And you’ve probably got a good perspective on all of them, an effective perspective, a perspective that let’s you see exactly how important each one is in the scheme of things, a perspective that allows you to give each the consideration it deserves in balance with its importance.

Or not.

Take some time out – proper time, properly out – to get real perspective.

Skippy strategy: Take some proper time outs.