October 17, 2020

Time to polish #1


There’s a time to polish, but it’s not at the start. There’s a time to tweak, and eek, and nudge that extra little bit, but it’s not at the start. There’s a time to obsess over the details, but it’s not at the start.

At the start, it’s time to scope things out, to get everyone on the same page, to explain the why of the thing.

Don’t start the meeting with the middle of the spreadsheet – start with context and introduce the elements.

Don’t start the product with the first line of code – start with the customer and the problem they’re trying to solve.

Don’t start the design by pushing pixels around – start by pushing ideas around.

It’s always about idea first. Open them before closing them. Give them room, then make them real with details. Then you can tweak.

Skippy strategy: Start with ideas and let them breathe.