October 18, 2020

Time to polish #2


There’s a time to polish, it’s at the end.

It’s tempting to polish all the way, to pick at every thread as soon as you see it, to work on the thing you see before putting in place all the things you don’t see, the things you need to see.

Put the whole shaggy mess in place first. All the parts you know you want and those you figure you probably won’t. Push them around until they take shape. Cut out what you don’t need and add what you do. Then start polishing. When you have the borders in place, when you know what’s important, when you know that it’s worth the effort.

Otherwise, you’ll have a very beautiful doorknob, shined to perfection, on an elegant gate that’s painted just beautifully … that leads where nobody wants to go.

Skippy strategy: Make sure you need the door before shining the doorknob.