August 25, 2018



The thing about deadlines it that they are just so motivating.

Not the false deadlines we give ourselves in the belief that ALL deadlines, however trumped up and underwhelming, come with a free can of get-up-and-go. Not the phoney deadlines that come with neither upside nor jeopardy, just … timey-wimeyness.

But real deadlines do indeed have the power to garner efforts, to bring people together, to drag focus and performance out of people and places that never normally knowingly put themselves out.

So what’s the difference? It’s meaningful benefits, more than a hint of endangerment, and the kind of reason to be outside of the actual deliverable that everyone involved can find themselves falling in to.

Don’t use false-deadlines to chivvy things along. It’s an empty tactic and everyone knows it.

Do use real deadlines to show everyone how completion and performance looks and feels.

Skippy strategy: Dig in to real deadlines.