January 23, 2018

To be useful


There’s every chance that you have plenty to say about what’s happening somewhere else in the hierarchy – and there’s always someone. You manager, their manager, that fella in accounting, the board, a shareholder. And it doesn’t stop inside the walls – you’ve probably got choice opinions about suppliers and partners, and who doesn’t vent about certain delightful customers?

Ok. So you have opinions.

There’s a time and a place. To be useful … very seldom and in surprisingly few places.

That’s not to say opinions are harmful, there just not as useful as what you’re doing with your insight.

So, your manager doesn’t value your efforts – what are doing to improve things?

A team member isn’t pulling their weight – what’s your plan to get them humming?

The supplier is messing up operational delivery – how will bring them in synch?

Problems demand a fix.

Skippy strategy: If it’s broken, what are doing about it?