August 27, 2020

To do new things

Surf Boards

If you do good work, people, customers, colleagues will ask you to do new things. Some of which might be interesting or distracting, and it’s possible that some might even be a thing you should do. Make sure it’s an active choice.

Requests are flattering, and most of us like to help – a compelling combination that can easily lead you to jump in without first working out whether you have the time or the interest or an active desire to get involved. New things are … new, and most of us are intrigued and challenged by working them out, for the sake of the puzzle, and because new things can be more stimulating than the things we know.

Don’t be so excited by the request, so enchanted by the new, that you plunge elbow deep without looking up.

Skippy strategy: Make active choices about when, how and if you get involved.