September 27, 2016

To the line

Neat and tidy

Most of the time, for most of us, the pennies don’t count for much. With an estimate here and an approximation there, you find yourself in a pretty tight spot on the ball park that’s good enough for just about everybody.

Sometimes though … that ain’t so.

There are people who care about the details. Who like everything lined up, totalled, categorised and tied up with a neat little bow. Whether it’s about the money or the record keeping, from their perspective, it actually does matter – the ball park is always too big. They want facts.

You can rail. You can howl. You can argue about the insignificance and value of perspective.

But you’re better off getting over it and focusing on detail – right to the line.

Due diligence, auditors, regulators, lawyers – when they want something, find it.

Skippy strategy: Recognise when the game has changed and play by the new rules.