August 22, 2020

To the wheel


When something big needs doing, there’s no substitute for sitting down and getting it done. The bigger it is, the more likely there will be multiple sittings. But one way or the other, it won’t get done until someone, or many someones, apply their fingers to keyboards, back to shovels, pedals to the metal, shoe leather to road and take the actual steps that need to be taken. Obviously.

Today’s question isn’t so much about the how – although that’s a big question of its own – it about the when and the kind of when. Is it five minutes here, then there, nibbling away between all the other little things, nudging, nudging and nudging everything all the time, or is it putting aside a decent slug, two hours, four, and making gobbets of progress.

Skippy strategy: We know how big things get done – with our shoulder to the wheel.