May 3, 2018

Tomorrow, today


Just for now, let’s not talk about vision. Let’s not get too deep into how you’d like things to be in the longer term. 

And, if we can, let’s drag ourselves away from the immediate imperative, our inbox, our to-do-today-list and all the little things that will fill our heads until we get them done or can tuck them out of the way.

For a moment, let’s focus on the day after tomorrow and what could happen after that.

It will come. 

And if you want it to be anything different from the way things are now, if you want to be ready for it, if you want the systems and support and resources and processes and relationships and partnerships and … everything else … to be in place and sorted without a last minute panic … now is time to work that stuff out and put them together.

Skippy strategy: Sort out the day after tomorrow, today.