October 15, 2019

Touch paper


In an emergency it’s incredible and humbling how well the team pulls together. Communications that have been strained and forced for months, become seamless. Coordination action between people and departments, easy. Motiving everyone, unnecessary. Whatever it takes, no need to ask. Actually, what can I do to help.

So the question … if it can be like this when times are bad, why can’t it be like this when times are good? Why do communications turn inward and turf wars turn outward, and why does the idea of everyone working in step with a single focus never get beyond the Sunday afternoon stage of action?

Short answer … because business as usual is whatever you allow to be usual business.

Crises have shared and explicit objectives that mean so much to everyone that they organise for success.

Skippy strategy: Shared, explicit and meaningful goals … then light the blue touch paper and stand back.