April 16, 2021

Tough days


There are days when it all feels aaaaaagggghhhh! When you’ve had enough of missed deadlines, lack of commitment, politicking, risk aversion, vested interests, unwieldy or unwilling technologies, unwilling or underwhelming colleagues, the obstinate, the obfuscating, the obviously out of their depth – inside and outside the organisation.

Days like that – days when the world is too damn hard, days when you’d rather put your hands behind your back as you walk away from the mess with a whistle on your lips – days like that, it’s worth remembering that it’s a choice. You chose to put yourself where x marks the target. You chose, and you continue to choose to sit in that chair, with that position, with those responsibilities.

And the thing is, you made and continue to make that choice for a reason: you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Skippy strategy: Deal with the tough days, then start again.