November 6, 2019

Toughens and tightens


Sometimes, you just don’t get it. When the marketing guy’s explaining the new campaign, when the technologist is jumping around to explain but it doesn’t sound like they get it either, or when the project manager sets out the steps in a way that might make sense but doesn’t make sense to you.

So call it. Say it. I don’t get it. Ask some why questions. Keep mining until you do get it. 

Maybe it’s your problem, in which case, they’ll set you straight and off you go.

Maybe it’s their problem. Maybe they can’t explain it because they don’t understand it themselves, or the thinking is weak, or it makes no sense, or only kinda-sorta does.

No downside risk: it toughens and tightens and improves communications; or it folds under pressure (which means blushes today but save bigger ones tomorrow).

Skippy strategy: If you don’t get it, say it.