December 6, 2021

Towards chaos


It’s much more likely to be cock-up than conspiracy. Most groups aren’t set up to conspire, and most groups are absolutely set up to make a mess. In fact, almost all organisational work is designed to overcome the natural tendency toward chaos. Ask most people what it’s like to work where they work and it’s an even chance they’ll come back with some riff on Organised Chaos.

So when you feel yourself falling towards being slighted, offended, ignored or dismissed because of some omission, pick it up by the smooth handle. Resist the temptation to wallow in resentment and just get on with the next thing anyway

The only meaningful response is to express surprise or confusion about how it happened, take that thought direct to the one person who dealt the hand, and smile when they explain how it played.

Skippy strategy: More likely a cock-up than co-nspiracy.