June 24, 2020

Towards the place


Anything that looks into the future – like sales forecasts, financial models, project plans – has a hard time coming into reality. There are too many variables, extraordinary numbers of butterflies in Japan, so much you can never know until it happens.

For some, it’s tempting not to bother looking forward. Instead, taking one step, working out where they are, then another step, keep going until they hit an immovable object, turn ninety degrees, keep at it. Which is a recipe for being busy, for getting somewhere – just nowhere they care to be, or maybe, it’s possible.

The alternative – look ahead, fill in the blanks with assumptions, label them as leaps of faith, keep looking up and adjusting your assumptions and direction so you head towards the place you said you wanted to go.

Skippy strategy: Not bothering might be fun. Looking ahead is the way of for leaders to lead.