November 2, 2017

Tripping hazards


Anytime you’re making progress you’re likely to take short cuts. Little bypasses that let you avoid doing something long or tedious, easy-outs that let you sidestep what you know is the-right-way so you can get on with the-quick-way. Promising (PROMISING!) that you’ll go back around do things properly later – just as soon as you have enough time, damn it.

And then the clock turns and you get on with the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. That other thing, it’s still there – a tiny tripping hazard you built yourself. Nagging, nagging, (but fading) nagging.

Until, quietly …. snick … gotcha. The short cut snaps shut and you have to deal with the impact fast – top of the pile.

Look back, remember the short cuts, make the time, fix them.

Skippy strategy: Go back and smooth the tripping hazards.