January 8, 2018

Tunnel vision


Focus is huge.

A keen eye for what you’re trying to achieve, a clear idea of how it will be done, and constant attention to taking the steps without being distracted or knocked off course.

Focus’ evil twin is tunnel vision.

Where you’re so keenly trained on The One Thing that you fail to see opportunities that could be in scope or that would be smarter, faster, better places to head. Where you’re so sure of your path that you ignore short cuts and ladders that get you to the same place smarter, faster or in better shape. Where you’re head-down attention means you miss the bigger picture or climate change forming in your peripheral vision.

Tunnel vision means you miss more than you see.

Keep focused, but broaden your sources and force your gaze to the horizon every now and again.

Skippy strategy: Focus down. Eyes up.