March 23, 2024

Turn the wheels


There are plenty of things you could work yourself up about.

Who said what to whom, will the travel work out right, why can’t they just do what I want, what about the competition, are we on the right course, what if that thing happens, what if it doesn’t? Have we made the right choice, what will they think, why don’t they work together, why isn’t she here, when will he get it?

There’s always somebody who isn’t doing something, there’s always complexity and difficulty. Issues, issues. Always.

Don’t turn them into a big drama.

Focus on the things you can control. 

Ask not, what are the seventeen ways that this can go wrong.

Ask, what will open up the next move forward.

Break it down to basics, be professional, work on the things that turn the wheels.

Skippy strategy: What will open up the next move forward?