July 28, 2021

Two schools


When do you do what you know you need to do?

Option one is to do it straight away, or in a relaxed time of your choosing, then iterate until the deadline comes. The upside, plenty of time to think things through and add the polish you know you’ll need. The downside, no sense of urgency to motivate and no adrenaline to get the creative juices flowing.

The other way it to wait until the deadline looms and then throw everything at it in a mad rush, gathering all the pieces and squishing them together in a rush. The upside, you’ve had all that time for your subconscious to do its thing and the thrill of the chase might just bring it all out. The downside, you’ve wasted all that time and quality suffers.

Two schools of thought? Or just two schools?

Skippy strategy: Whatever way it works for you.