May 10, 2021

Two steps


There will always be missteps, there will always be cul de sacs, there will always be new ways that invalidate the old ways and some of the new ways will appear the day after they’d have been useful. We live with the understanding that the plan will be obsolete before the work is done and still we agree that we need some kind of plan. Not too much, not too little. The goldilocks plan. How much of a plan is enough?

The essential ingredients: an ultimate goal for the foreseeable work, the building – something we can look at and say, Yes, that’s it. The major milestones, the floors of the building – the things to build. The pipework that connects everything, the shared technologies – something to build with. The next two floors of detail; today connecting to tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Keep the plan two steps ahead of the work.