February 20, 2019

Two ways from here


The thing is … you don’t always get what you want.

The question is … what do you do about it.

Most of us will wriggle to see if there’s a better fit, keep on negotiating, call in favours and try to find back doors, everything else we can think of. And sometimes it works. But sometimes we’re back where we started, looking at something sub-optimal, and still wondering what to do.

It goes two ways from here.

Option one is to accept it for what it is – something unacceptable – and walk away from the table. If you can’t live with it, the decision is made.

Option two is to accept it for what it is – something barely acceptable – and chow down. If you can live with it, live with it.

The thing that’s not worth doing: waste energy ranting and raving.

Skippy strategy: Make a choice and get on with it.