May 25, 2017

Uncommitted time


For the moment, let’s take willingness for granted. That the people you want to do things want to do them too. Not always the case, but for now, understood.

And now we’re happy with making assumptions, let’s take for granted that they’re capable of the work. They have the aptitude and skills and focus necessary to get the job done. Again, not a given – we’ve all stretched our envelope every now and again – but, just for today, understood.

Onwards? Hit the Go button and watch the cogs turn?

Not yet.

There’s one more piece of the pie: capacity – the uncommitted time, between now and the deadline, to get it done.

When asking for a commitment, check for all three attributes: willing, able, available.

When making commitments, watch out that your willing ability doesn’t trip up over the number of other things you’ve put on your plate.

Skippy strategy: Reflect on time.