June 22, 2019

Under the ice


Most times, most days, most issues, you pretty much understand the territory and what needs to be done. Understanding is quick step from where you start, diagnosis and remedial action follow shortly after. That’s what got you where you are, it’s what gets you through the day.

Not always.

Sometimes you need to take a deep dive. You need to get under the ice and look at it from every direction. Prod it here, poke it there. Get some perspective from another place and maybe another person. You have to get inside this one because it’s not like all the other ones.

The trouble is … running at full speed all day … it looks like very other issue and you may miss the signs.

But they’re there. A creaking of the ice, a certain silence, a worried look. Pay attention, slow down, dive deep.

Skippy strategy: Listen out for creaks in the ice.