February 12, 2020

Universal lubricant


Now you’ve written it down, discussed it, refined it and shared it with the team, the plan is the plan. It’s time to get things done. Some of the things will get done on their own but some of the people. Because they’re easy, or because the the person responsible is a completer/finisher. Job done.

Some of the tasks though, will be trickier than expected, need bigger wades of time than expected, be connected to and complicated by and dependent on other parts. They’ll drag on and the project will get bogged down and feel stodgy.

Accountability is the universal lubricant.

Holding people to their commitments starts with agreeing commitments in the first place, and then reporting progress at every turn. Literally, accounting for time and effort spent. Delays will happen, but accountability means few will be because of bogging stodge.

Skippy strategy: Let everyone account for their efforts.